The Ruskin Ensemble - Imaginative, inspiring and entertaining programmes for guitar, horn, piano and strings - from a duo to a sextet

The Ruskin Ensemble - Imaginative, inspiring and entertaining programmes for guitar, horn, piano and strings - from a duo to a sextet
The Ruskin Ensemble - Imaginative, inspiring and entertaining programmes for guitar, horn, piano and strings - from a duo to a sextet
What people say about The Ruskin Ensemble

The Press


"The opening concert organised by the Old Bexley Music Society attracted a full house to Hall Place last week, when The Ruskin Ensemble returned to the venue after an absence of seven years.

"Violinist Jane Gomm is the leader of the group, with Stephen Stirling (French horn) and Clive Williamson (piano) completing the highly accomplished trio.

"The well-balanced and, at times, fascinating programme comprised works by Duvernoy, Rzewski, Mozart and Brahms.  The first of these composers achieved a great reputation in his native France as a horn player across both the 18th and 19th centuries.  Indeed he was so popular that he was given top billing above the singers when he joined an orchestra that was providing the music for a well known opera.  The ensemble played two movements from his Trio No.1 in C which were not only sparkling and powerful, but also seemed to closely mirror one of the composer's contemporaries, a German called Beethoven.

"Rzewski's Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues is an extaordinary piece of music that allows a piano to sound like a completely new instrument.  Clive Williamson used all his fingers and his right elbow to create a cacophony of sound to represent cotton looms working at high speed, as well as background music and quieter interludes that encompassed gospel, spirituals and blues melodies to great effect.

"The Mozart Quintet in Eb was delightfully performed and was given added interest by the fact that it was the first quintet ever to use the horn.  Stephen Stirling, however, was seen at his majestic best in the performance of the Brahms Horn Trio in Eb major.  Written by the composer shortly after the death of his mother, it mixes moments of tempered exaltation with expressions of deep and utter sadness. I have rarely heard the French horn played with such emotional power.  It was the perfect end to a perfect concert."

Roy Atterbury - Kentish Times - 12th October 2001


"...repertoire accessible yet of a very high quality, excellent musicianship, presentation is knowledgeable and engaging, witty and warm, their enthusiasm is infectious and promoters and audiences want them back."  Sue Roberts, Co-ordinator, Artservice, Lincolnshire Rural and Community Touring

Community Work

"The Ruskin Ensemble are professional, sensitive and flexible in their approach to the engagements and have provided varied, lively and appropriate programmes which have been thoroughly enjoyed by audiences." Lucy Bevan, Senior Administrator, The Council for Music in Hospitals

" excellent morning of great enjoyment and relaxation, percussion and singing enabled listeners to participate fully with a good mix of classical and light popular music"  Emma Ryder Richardson, Artcare general Manager after performance to geriatric patients at Old Manor Hospital, Salisbury

"I write at the end of a truly wonderful week of music, a week that was enjoyed in so many ways by the pupils and staff.  The musicianship was outstanding throughout the week providing a rich learning experience for the children.  You managed to get a group of children accross the year groups to work together to a high standard and communicated so well with the children that the impact will be a lasting one.  One parent said at the final concert that, despite his lack of knowledge of classical music, the 'live' experience was an unforgettable one." Andrew Tulloch, Headmaster, St. Paul's C.E. Junior School, Rusthall, Kent after Celebration of Music Week in Rusthall, June 2000


"Overwhelming performance - our local critic gave a glowing report of the three musicians"  Marion Turner, Mildenhall Music Club, Suffolk

"...mesmerised by the wonderful quality of the evening, enjoyed by everyone without a doubt."  Greywell Village Hall, Hampshire

"We all had a magical candle-lit evening with a marvellous selection of music."  James Morrice, Meonstoke Village Hall, Hampshire

"...a delightful concert... the audience took you to their hearts"  Richard Milne, Farnborough Music Society

"Some exquisite moments will live in the memory"  Christine Wells, Hambledon Concerts

The Ruskin Ensemble are appearing at the Brighton Festival Fringe 2010 - Click here for details